A former Republican member of Congress is lamenting that the Republican National Committee (RNC) will soon be pilfered by former President Donald Trump after his recent full takeover of the GOP’s national campaign organization.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Illinois) predicted recently on X/Twitter that the new leadership at the RNC would tank the party’s hopes of electoral success in November.

“The RNC, in deciding to become Trump’s toilet and slush fund, is going to do real damage to down ballot races,” Kinzinger tweeted, adding that its fate was deserved for “capitulating” to the former president.

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“How far they have fallen,” the former congressman wrote.

The RNC recently voted unanimously to make Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara, the new co-chair of the RNC. Both Lara Trump and Michael Whatley — who most recently served as the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party — will lead the national party ahead of what is expected to be the most expensive presidential election in history.

Lara Trump and Michael Whatley have a significant disadvantage in fundraising compared to the counterparts at the Democratic National Committee. Ballotpedia data shows that as of January 31, the DNC has raised more than $137 million in the current campaign cycle with over $24 million in cash on hand, while the RNC has raised just $98 million, and has less than $9 million in cash on hand.

Before she was elected co-chair, Lara Trump opined that Republicans would be fine with the national party dipping into its coffers to pay her father-in-law’s legal bills. Her past statements angered many GOP activists and donors, several of whom pledged to not contribute any more money to the RNC if it became a legal fund for a man with a multibillion-dollar net worth.

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As Kinzinger suggested, the RNC using its limited funds to pay the former president’s lawyers may pose a significant problem for Republicans running in competitive House and Senate races. Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and Jon Tester (D-Montana) are each well-liked incumbents vying for another six-year term representing states that Trump won handily in both of his elections, and Republican challengers are likely hoping for financial assistance from the RNC to get across the finish line.

Aside from the Senate, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) is now just two net loss from losing the gavel, after Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colorado) announced he would be leaving Congress later this month. Additionally, New Yorkers will be voting under new redistricting maps this fall, meaning the Empire State’s freshman GOP lawmakers will have a tougher time keeping their seats. If Republicans lose the House in November, GOP voters may lay blame at the feet of Whatley and Lara Trump.

Not long after their ascendancy to the helm of the RNC, Politico reported that the new leaders of the Republican Party sacked approximately 60 employees working in data, political and communications-related positions. Those firings include five senior-level staff members. Replacements have not yet been announced, though it’s likely the new employees will be more amenable to Trump.

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