When Ronna McDaniel left the Republican National Committee (RNC), former President Donald Trump was determined to give it an ultra-MAGA makeover. And he is getting his wish under new leadership that includes Chairman Michael Whatley and Co-Chair Lara Trump (who is married to the presumptive 2024 GOP presidential nominee’s son Eric Trump).

Lara Trump has made it abundantly clear that only MAGA loyalists are welcome at the RNC, and mass firings have been widely reported. But this makeover, according to The Hill, is coming at an even more rapid pace than previously thought.

The Hill’s Brett Samuels, in a report published on March 15, explains, “Former President Trump has transformed the Republican National Committee (RNC) in a matter of days as the organization heads into the general election campaign. In the same week Trump officially became the presumptive nominee, the RNC hit reset, making significant staffing changes that included bringing in several new faces to senior leadership positions, firing some employees and asking others to reapply for jobs…. Trump allies have moved quickly and aggressively to remake the RNC.”

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This “radical overhaul,” according to Samuels, “comes as the RNC faces a significant cash disadvantage compared to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and President Biden’s campaign, and as Trump and his team prepare for a marathon campaign that will require significant resources.”

The new hirings at the RNC underscore its ultra-MAGA direction. For example, conspiracy theorist and former One America News (OAN) host Christina Bobb has been hired as the RNC’s senior counsel for election integrity. Bobb, in 2020, promoted the false and repeatedly debunked claim that the election had been stolen from Trump.

Samuels reports, “Charlie Spies, a longtime GOP lawyer, will serve as chief counsel.… And Bill McGinley, an attorney who served in the Trump Administration, will join the RNC as outside counsel for election integrity.”

The journalist notes that the “rapid staffing turnover” and “reported shift in priorities” at the RNC “has sparked uncertainty about how the party will handle funding down-ballot candidates or programs built up under the previous chair, Ronna McDaniel.”

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“Some former RNC officials have raised concerns about how fully Trump and his team have taken over the party,” Samuels observes. “Fundraising is a particular point of concern for the RNC, and for Trump personally as he burns through millions of dollars to pay his legal fees.”

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Read The Hill’s full report at this link.