After former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley ended her presidential campaign, President Joe Biden made it clear that he would welcome her voters in his coalition. Biden has been reaching out to non-MAGA conservatives, and he is hoping that those on the right who supported him in 2020 will do so again in 2024.

In a late March segment on CNN, host Laura Coates interviewed the type of conservative voter who Biden and other centrist Democrats are trying to win over this year.

During the interview, the voter, identified by CNN as “Texas Trey,” laid out some reasons why — after being a lifelong GOP voter — he has grown disenchanted with the party even though he has issues with Democrats as well.

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Trey told Coates, “I remember when Republicans and Democrats — the largest thing they used to argue about was the budget. And now, it’s from the beer you drink to the stores that you shop at and so forth. And it all has political implications.”

The Texan told Coates that in the past, he voted “straight-ticket Republican,” noting that when he voted for Donald Trump in 2016, it “wasn’t so much a vote in support of him as a vote against” Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“She didn’t have anything to offer that necessarily appealed to me,” Trey explained. “I felt the election was hers to lose…. And I was very shocked to learn, the next day, that (Trump) had actually won.”

When Coates asked Trey if he had since had an “evolution in thought” about Clinton, he laughed and responded, “Yes, absolutely. The ironic of it is she was absolutely right. She was absolutely right about everything that she said…. Really, this election is a referendum on freedom and democracy at this point…. The man said himself he wanted to be a dictator on Day One. I don’t know of many dictators that are willing to give up authority once it’s granted to them.”

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Watch the full video below or at this link.

‘Hillary was right’: Lifelong GOP voter on why he is leaving the party