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Solar Eclipse Resources

two people looking at the Sun with safe solar glasses
Visitors at Saturday “SUN” Day look through solar eclipse glasses.
Kent Blackwell, Back Bay Amateur Astronomers

From the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Get ready for the Moon to pass in front of the Sun, casting its shadow across all of North America. A spectacular total eclipse will sweep across North America on April 8, 2024! 

The Night Sky Network and Astronomical Society of the Pacific are creating and curating information for amateur astronomers and other informal educators. See some of our Night Sky Network and community eclipse resources here:

  • Most of the US will be graced with a partial eclipse. This is a great reason to get your community together. Plan your event with this simple 
  • Preparing for an Eclipse Public Presentation from our partners at NISE about viewing the eclipses, including what to expect if you are not on the central paths – edit to make it your own! 
  • The 2024 NASA Eclipse Resources include a Safe Solar Viewing Guide, Posters, and more!
  • Andrew Fraknoi and a group of astronomy educators have created a  in preparation for the upcoming solar eclipses, including  32 educational activities.
  • Find lists of safe solar viewers and filters from our partners at the American Astronomical Society.
  • Enjoy this activity Eclipses Around the World to respectfully share ways of knowing eclipses from many cultures
  • This video invites everyone to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Hear about the eclipse in Spanish, Urdu, Mandarin, Arabic, and more at

Clouded out? That’s okay – tune in to NASA’s official broadcast for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse.

See the activities and resources below for more great eclipse ideas!