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The Los Angeles Press Club’s 66th annual Southern California Journalism Awards for work published in 2023. The winners of this year’s awards will be announced June 23 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. 

ScheerPost publisher Robert Scheer is a finalist for audio journalist of the year for his award-winning weekly KCRW-hosted podcast “Scheer Intelligence” (SI), where he and his guests has have discussed such topics as foreign relations, militarism and the threat of nuclear war, the peace movement, the criminal justice system, the economy, racial and gender bias, the unhoused crisis and many more. During a tumultuous year, he, like ScheerPost itself, highlighted important issues that often get overlooked by click-hungry mainstream media. 

Scheer is also a finalist in the “talk/public affairs” category for his SI interview with Jonathan Taplin,  author of The Four Billionaires Who Want to Control the Universe.” Scheer is also a finalist in “personality profile/interview over 10 minutes” for his “Nuclear War Imminent?” interview with retired Air Force Lt.  Col.William J. Astore about the reach of the military industrial complex and the indifference of the population. 

ScheerPost’s  Pulitzer Prize winning weekly columnist Chris Hedges, with his consistent coverage of U.S. and world issues, is a finalist for “political commentary (national)” for his column “They Lied About Afghanistan. They Lied About Iraq. And They Are Lying About Ukraine.” At a time where the drums of war beat loudly, Hedges keeps readers from around the world informed on the most critical issues of our time, often outing the systemic abuse of power by government officials and holding the powerful to account, as demonstrated in this column. 

ScheerPost criminal justice reporter Victoria Valenzuela is a finalist in the “online investigations-government related” category for her months-long investigation, “Double Punishment: California Prisons Set Up Thousands of People to be Detained and Deported by ICE—Including Citizens.” Valenzuela patiently extracted documents, for which ScheerPost was charged a fee, from the California prison system to expose the penal system’s practice of transferring incarcerated people — disproportionately Latino and Asian and including U.S. citizens — to immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation on the day of their prison release, devastatingly impacting thousands of people including those being released and their family members. Some were deported to countries they left as toddlers. 
Our talented cartoonist Dwayne Booth, who draws under the name Mr. Fish, a consistent winner of awards for cartooning, is a finalist once again— this time, for his evocative work, “Bird in Hand”, which speaks to a troubling year for world peace with the continued Russian assault on Ukraine, followed by the Hamas attacks in Israel and Netanyahu’s retaliatory response in Gaza. The cartoon accompanied Chris Hedges’ column “Exterminate All the Brutes.”

“Bird in Hand” by Mr. Fish

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