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Baltimore’s co-ops show the power of a ‘solidarity economy’

Baltimore has become what many consider to be ground zero in the emerging “solidarity economy” and the formation of worker-owned, cooperatively run businesses. There’s something important going on here, and there’s a lot that we can all learn from our fellow workers who are in the cooperative space—people who are living, breathing proof that there’s […]

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Baltimore Police Sgt. Ethan Newberg faces no jail time despite damning video evidence

Disgraced former Baltimore Police Sgt. Ethan Newberg has pled guilty to making at least nine illegal arrests during his time as an active police officer—and, despite damning video evidence, faces no jail time. Police Accountability Report returns to the case of Newberg with a look at two videos released as a result of the Baltimore […]

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Baltimore’s failure to educate Black children is a threat to building Black political power

The right to attain a comprehensive education has dissolved into an illusion for Black children in Baltimore, sparking concern amongst educators and civil rights activists who say literacy is crucial to social mobilization. Now, with public schools in the area being grossly underfunded, this pipeline to effective organizing has been relegated to a historical still […]

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The Teamsters picket Amazon in Baltimore to demand company rehire fired unionized drivers in California

On the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 8, members of the Teamsters union led a picket line march outside of Amazon’s BWI5 warehouse in Baltimore. Dozens of other union workers and members of the Baltimore community joined the demonstration, which was an extension of the ongoing Unfair Labor Practice strike by unionized Amazon drivers and dispatchers […]

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Black oral storytellers keep Black history alive in Baltimore

Shana Bainbridge, a white fifth grade teacher at the predominantly Black Glenmont Middle School in Baltimore, was unsure how she could meaningfully engage her students when her school’s administration challenged her to come up with a project to celebrate Black History Month.  “Until we’re put to task to find out something new, we often don’t […]

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Pro-Palestine activists in Baltimore demand immediate ceasefire

In the wake of Israel’s scorched-earth bombing campaign and ground invasion of Gaza, Baltimore activists took to the streets on Wednesday, Nov. 1 to demand a ceasefire. At least 8,796 people have been killed in Gaza since the beginning of Israel’s retaliatory offensive, Gaza’s Health Ministry said yesterday, including 3,648 children. Current polls show a […]