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‘The killing in Gaza will stop when Hamas releases the hostages’ is a pro-war crime argument

Over the past six months, dozens of ostensibly mainstream politicians and commentators—including senators and spokespeople for the White House—have echoed a popular Tough Guy talking point that sounds superficially reasonable but, upon even the most casual inspection, is an explicit advocacy for collective punishment, which is, of course, a black letter war crime. In response […]

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Media continues to frame mass starvation in Gaza as natural disaster rather than deliberate siege tactic

The evidence that Israel planned and carried out starvation as a deliberate policy choice and siege tactic is overwhelming. Rarely in the history of war crimes has a war crime been so telegraphed, openly discussed, and executed to the letter. In its Dec. 18 report, “Israel: Starvation Used as Weapon of War in Gaza,” Human […]