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How online gambling became the economic blood of the sports world

In a startling 44% increase from the previous year, an estimated $23 billion will be spent on sports betting on Sunday’s Super Bowl game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Just a generation ago, gambling was regarded as an intolerable pollutant on the integrity of sports that could never be permitted […]

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How Black soccer players turned a global sport into a site of political struggle

Black athletes have not only changed how the game of soccer is played; around the world, they’ve also harnessed their positions to fight for justice and political change through the sport of soccer itself. In the latest “Ask a Sports Scholar” segment, Edge of Sports host Dave Zirin speaks with Dr. Jermaine Scott about his […]

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Arab and Muslim athletes lead sports world in Palestine solidarity

The silence of the pro sports world in the face of Israel’s genocide in Gaza continues to disappoint. US sports organizations are among the worst offenders—with many leagues implementing flag bans and suffocating dissent under a culture of silence. Beyond US borders, it’s Muslim and Arab athletes who are setting the standard for solidarity. Take […]

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Inside Ron DeSantis’s takeover of a Florida liberal arts college

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s war on education has been a major pillar of his administration, and the tiny liberal New College of Florida is now a laboratory for his political agenda. Dave Zirin speaks with Mike Sanderson of the “Save the New College of Florida” movement on the right-wing takeover underway, and the role of sports in […]

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The NFL and MLB pretend Palestinians don’t exist

Recent broadcasts of NFL and MLB games have shown the complicity of major league sports in sanitizing Israel’s war crimes and human rights violations. With the indifference toward Palestinian life being pumped throughout the media sphere and NFL owners generally being to the right of Jim Jordan, it is not surprising that they would fall […]