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Ralph Nader: Ultraprocessed Deadly Corporate Food Demands Action

Beverage selection in a supermarket in Los Angeles, California, USA. Dietmar Rabich / Wikimedia Commons / “Los Angeles (California, USA), Shop, South Olive Street — 2012 — 4845” / CC BY-SA 4.0For print products: Dietmar Rabich /,USA),_Shop,_South_Olive_Street—2012–_4845.jpg / By Ralph Nader / About forty-five years ago, at a social gathering, I asked an executive of a Minneapolis-based large food processing company […]

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80% of All Fossil Fuel and Cement C02 Emissions since 2016 produced by 57 Companies and Countries

By Matthew Carl Ives, University of Oxford; Belinda Wade, The University of Queensland; and Saphira Rekker, The University of Queensland | – Just 57 companies and nation states were responsible for generating 80% of the world’s CO₂ emissions from fossil fuels and cement over the last seven years, according to a new report released by […]