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Bigger than Dobbs: The War on Women is a War on Democracy

The war on women is everywhere: in the home, locally, nationally and globally. Greenfield, Mass. (Special to Informed Comment; Feature) – In 2018, the US National Sexual Violence Resource Center published that 81% of women reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault in their lifetime.  Further, the majority of violence against women […]

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Rojava Revolution: Women’s Liberation, Democracy and Ecology in North-East Syria

Over the past decade, the most far-reaching social revolution of the 21st century has taken place in Syria’s Kurdish-majority Northeast, commonly referred to as Rojava. Though still largely unknown, today roughly a third of Syrian territory is governed not by a nation-state but through a federation of participatory local councils known officially as the Democratic […]

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A Tale of two Femicides: Remembering Victims in Iraq and Italy on Int’l Women’s Day

San Marco, Ca. (Special to Informed Comment; Feature) – In early February 2023 a 22-year-old Iraqi YouTube star, Tiba Al-Ali was strangled by her father in an “honor killing,” part of the quotidian violence the nation has endured over the last two decades. In November 2023 Giulia Cecchettin, a 22-year-old engineering student from the Venice region […]

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Women’s History Month in a Post-Roe World

Women’s March in DC, January 19th, 2019 (Flickr) By Martha Burk / OtherWords It’s 2024, but it feels like we’re back in 1991 this Women’s History Month. Back then, President George H.W. Bush was following in the footsteps of his predecessor Ronald Reagan by continuing to appoint conservative judges to the federal bench, and Roe v. […]