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Top UN News: A Week in Review

Maj. Ahlem Douzi of Tunisia, a UN peacekeeper in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, received the annual Trailblazer Award for Justice and Corrections Officers, May 7, 2024. MARK GARTEN/UN PHOTO By Arthur Bassas / PassBlue On May 10, 2024, the General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to enhance the status of Palestine in the UN, taking it one […]

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Haiti Today, America Tomorrow?

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr By John Feffer / TomDispatch Haiti has descended into chaos. It’s had no president or parliament — and no elections either –for eight long years. Its unelected prime minister Ariel Henry resigned recently when gang violence at the airport in Port-au-Prince made it impossible for him to […]

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Haitian Community Defenders Fight US-Armed Death Squads and Puppet Governments

Movement of Equality and Liberation for All Haitians (MOLEGHAF) organizes an event in Port-au-Prince in February 2024 against the genocide in Gaza.MOVEMENT OF EQUALITY AND LIBERATION FOR ALL HAITIANS By Danny Shaw / Truthout As the stars illuminate the dark alleyways of Solino, Ezayi’s heavy beige Timberlands stomp across the cracked concrete. He is on […]

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‘An international crime scene’: How the US is stoking crisis in Haiti

The drumbeat of intervention is rolling once again for Haiti. Since last year, plans have been laid for a US-sponsored intervention in Haiti nominally led by Kenya, ostensibly in the name of fighting “gang violence” in the Caribbean nation. While corporate media has breathlessly pushed the narrative of a lawless Haiti overrun by criminal organizations, such […]

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Can the UN Security Council Finally Wrap Its Mind Around Haiti? It’s Trying

More than 362,000 Haitians are displaced in their country as violence by armed gangs convulses the Caribbean island nation amid a government collapse, lack of a strong police force and an intervention force being long delayed to the country. A new transitional council, proposed by the Caribbean intergovernmental bloc, could stem the chaos. UNOCHA/HAITI By […]