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Hostage Families demand Deal, Netanyahu Resignation, in Largest Demonstrations since Oct. 7

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – Saturday evening witnessed the biggest Israeli demonstrations against the government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since the outbreak of war on October 7, 2023, according to the Israeli press as summarized by Al Jazeera. Some 150,000 are said to have rallied in Tel Aviv alone. They demanded that the […]

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‘Nobody Is Above the Law’: ICC Prosecutor Seeks Arrest Warrants for Israel, Hamas Leaders

Benyamin Netanyahu. Photo from Wikimedia Commons by the Press service of the President of the Russian Federation from January 29, 2018. By Jon Queally / Common Dreams The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on Monday announced he has “formally applied” for arrest warrants for the top political and military leaders of Hamas as […]

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‘A War Crime’: Rights Group Details Israel’s Use of Children as Human Shields

Palestinians inspect the ruins of Aklouk Tower destroyed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City on October 8, 2023. Photo from Wikimedia Commons by Wafa. By Julia Conley / Common Dreams Israeli and U.S. claims that civilian casualties in Gaza are the result of Hamas’ use of “human shields” have figured prominently in Israel’s defense of the skyrocketing death toll in the […]