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How Iran’s Leaders are using the “Martyrdom” of President Raisi in the Election Campaign

By Sahar Maranlou, Royal Holloway University of London | – (The Conversation) – Thousands of Iranians came out on the streets to mark the funeral processions of Iran’s president Ebrahim Raisi in Tehran, Mashhad, and Tabriz, after he died in a helicopter crash alongside the foreign minister, Hossein Amirabdollahian. During these processions, huge banners were […]

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Iran: President’s death has set Hardliners Jostling for to Replace aging Supreme Leader

By Afshin Shahi, Keele University | – (The Conversation) – The death of Iran’s president, Ebrahim Raisi, in a helicopter crash in May plunged Iran into political uncertainly. Raisi’s death has set off an intense power struggle within the Islamic Republic. Iran’s consitution requires that a new president should be chosen within 50 days of […]

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Patrick Lawrence: Deaf and Blind: The Maladies of American Diplomats

Shah leaving Iran, Mehrabad International Airport – 16 January 1979 (3). (Unknown photographer), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons By Patrick Lawrence / Original to ScheerPost Here is a modest proposal, nothing too radical, just good sense. Turn over Antony Blinken and Jake Sullivan to the Iranian authorities on the understanding the two statesmen, very […]

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Nicaragua, 1980s. Contra War | Under the Shadow, Episode 10, Part 2

In the early 1980s, U.S. President Ronald Reagan launched a covert war to destroy the fledgling Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua. It was brutal: Paramilitary war, CIA attacks, economic blockade, and more. It would wreak havoc on the country, killing tens of thousands and ravaging the economy. But an international solidarity movement stood up in response. […]

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Iranian President’s Death Could Trigger ‘Power Competition’ For Next Supreme Leader

( RFE/RL ) – The sudden death of President Ebrahim Raisi has thrown a wrench in the succession plans of Iran’s elderly supreme leader. The ultraconservative Raisi was a longtime protege of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who was widely believed to be grooming the former judiciary chief as his successor. Raisi’s demise has boosted the prospects […]

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What could President Raisi’s Death mean for Stability in Iran and the Mideast?

By Scott Lucas, University College Dublin | – A helicopter carrying Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi, the country’s foreign minister and other officials crashed in the mountainous north-west reaches of Iran on Sunday May 19, sparking a rescue operation in thick fog and driving rain. On Monday, search and rescue teams reached the crash site and […]

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U.S. Seeks Shift In Iranian ‘Decision-Making Calculus’ Through Saudi-Israeli Normalization

By Kian Sharifi ( RFE/RL) – The United States wants to force a gradual shift in Iran’s “decision-making calculus” by signing a defense deal with Saudi Arabia and securing the normalization of relations between Riyadh and Israel. “We continue to work with allies and partners to enhance their capabilities to deter and counter the threats […]