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Iran’s “Axis of Resistance:” Different Groups, Similar Goals

By Kian Sharifi ( RFE/RL ) – Iran’s so-called axis of resistance is a loose network of proxies, Tehran-backed militant groups, and an allied state actor. The network is a key element of Tehran’s strategy of deterrence against perceived threats from the United States, regional rivals, and primarily Israel. Active in the Palestinian Occupied Territories, […]

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Bombing Muslims for Peace: Isn’t It Time to Put Our Toy Soldiers Away (Along with Our Illusions)?

( ) – Like many American boys of the baby-boomer generation, I played “war” with those old, olive-drab, plastic toy soldiers meant to evoke our great victory over the Nazis and “the Japs” during World War II. At age 10, I also kept a scrapbook of the 1973 Yom Kippur War between Israel and […]

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New York Times’ Friedman hits new Low with Animalization of Arabs and Iranians

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – Calling people animals is a way to dehumanize them, and probably helps convince individuals that the other people around them approve of treating the animals badly. In ways that aren’t entirely clear, this way of speaking is certainly wrought up with violence and even genocide. Israel’s Defense Minister called the […]

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Biden Thinks It’s Just a Matter of Time Before US Troops Are Killed in Iraq or Syria

<img decoding="async" width="780" height="518" data-attachment-id="87594" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="2000,1328" data-comments-opened="1" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"0","credit":"Tech. Sgt. Jeffrey Allen","camera":"","caption":"A Little Rock Air Force Base C-130 Hercules taxis through the rain after delivering a load of cargo and personnel to Sather Air Base, Iraq on January 26, 2008. Sather AB is located on the west side of Baghdad International Airport and is […]