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Suspending the Rule of Tolerable Violence: Israel’s Attack and Iran’s Retaliation

Photograph Source: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit – CC BY-SA 3.0 By Binoy Kampmark / CounterPunch The Middle East has, for some time, been a powder keg where degrees of violence are tolerated with ceremonial mania and a calculus of restraint.  Assassinations can take place at a moment’s notice.  Revenge killings follow with dashing speed.  Suicide bombings of immolating power are […]

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Iran Attack Delays Israel’s Invasion of Rafah

Women at a demonstration in Qazvin in support of IRGC after the 2024 Iranian strikes in Israel. Tasnim News Agency, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons By Dave DeCamp / Iran’s reprisal attack on Israel has delayed Israeli plans to invade the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah, CNN reported on Monday, citing Israeli sources. […]

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Canceling the Valedictorian

University of Southern California. FASTILY, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons By Max Jones / ScheerPost Staff Writer The University of Southern California’s (USC) cancellation of its 2024 valedictorian, Asna Tabassum’s, commencement speech on Monday garnered attention from national and international media. Andrew T. Guzman, the provost, announced the university’s decision to cancel the […]

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Shadow War no more: With Direct Warfare between Israel and Iran, is there any going Back?

By Javed Ali, University of Michigan | – For decades, Iran and Israel have been engaged in a “shadow war.” Falling short of direct military confrontation, this conflict has been characterized by war through other means – through proxies, cyber attacks, economic sanctions and fiery rhetoric. Events over the last few weeks in the Middle […]

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Iran’s retaliatory attack on Israel is more than just ‘military theater

This story originally appeared in Mondoweiss on Apr. 14, 2024. It is shared here with permission. Shortly after Iran’s retaliatory strike on Israel concluded seemingly without incident, the full-throated proclamations of Israel’s defensive feats followed. Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari said that Iran’s retaliation had “failed” after 99% of the launched missiles and drones were intercepted by Israeli air […]

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FIFA’s silence on Gaza is unacceptable

More than six months into Israel’s genocide in Gaza, FIFA has yet to speak out in defense of Palestinian life. The wild success of the Palestinian team at this year’s Asian Cup did nothing to move FIFA to action. Not even Israel’s killings of Palestinian soccer legends Hani Al-Masdar and Mohammed Barakat, who livestreamed his […]