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Blinded to all but the Anglo-Saxon “Five Eyes:” The Bias of US Policy toward Asia

( ) – Wherever he travels globally, President Biden has sought to project the United States as the rejuvenated leader of a broad coalition of democratic nations seeking to defend the “rules-based international order” against encroachments by hostile autocratic powers, especially China, Russia, and North Korea. “We established NATO, the greatest military alliance in […]

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Here’s How It Would Work to Replace Biden Before or During the Democratic Convention

Genocide Joe projected on a building in Washington DC (Flickr) By Miles Mogulescu / Common Dreams Since last week’s debate, plenty of smart people have argued that U.S. President Joe Biden must be replaced if former President Donald Trump is to be defeated and democracy protected. Among them are The New York Timeseditorial board, James Carville, David Remnick, […]

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Patrick Lawrence: 90 Minutes That Shook the Liberals Awake

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Well, that was a disaster

There’s no mincing words—the first presidential debate was a travesty of the highest order. The leading story is President Biden’s horrendous performance and the political crisis it’s sparked among the Democrats. But the failure of the media, not to mention former President Trump’s antics, should also be called out. TRNN contributor Adam H. Johnson joins […]

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Patrick Lawrence: Putin—Behind the Shoji

Russian President Vladimir Putin arriving in the North Korean capital Pyongyang on June 18. (President of Russia) By Patrick Lawrence / Consortium News It is never a good idea to turn to corporate media for an understanding of Vladimir Putin — his thoughts, his intentions, what he does and the outcome of what he does. Whenever […]