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Arms Embargo Now: Canadian Civil Society Escalates Push for End to Canada-Israel Military Trade

By World BEYOND War, May 8, 2024 Canadian civil society organizations across multiple sectors are escalating their push to end Canada’s trade in military and security technology with Israel. In a joint statement issued today for an “Arms Embargo Now,” Palestinian associations, labour unions, human rights organizations, and community groups representing more than 2 million […]

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Big Oil Clouded the Science on Extreme Weather. Now It Faces a Reckoning

Illustration by Tess Abbot By Emily Sanders / ExxonKnews When Bucks County, Pennsylvania, filed a lawsuit last week against major oil and gas companies for climate damages, Commissioner Chair Diane Ellis-Marseglia pointed to “unprecedented weather events here in Bucks County that have repeatedly put residents and first responders in harm’s way, damaged public and private […]

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A Conversation with Matthieu Aikins, Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist

By Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal, April 2, 2024 The Tribunal interviews Matthieu Aikins, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who reported from Afghanistan and the Middle East since 2008. Aikins received the 2022 Pulitzer for international reporting as part of a New York Times team that investigated civilian casualties from US airstrikes. The post A Conversation […]

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Alfred de Zayas: They’re Not Sanctions and They’re Not Legal

By Alfred de Zayas, March 25, 2024 Remarks at United Nations Security Council Excellencies, distinguished delegates, The unlawfulness of unilateral coercive measures imposed by certain countries against other States, businesses and individuals has been documented in United Nations studies going back to the seminal report issued in the year 2000 by the Subcommission on the […]