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Why are Algorithms called Algorithms? A brief History of the Persian Polymath you’ve likely never Heard of

By Debbie Passey, The University of Melbourne | – (The Conversation) – Algorithms have become integral to our lives. From social media apps to Netflix, algorithms learn your preferences and prioritise the content you are shown. Google Maps and artificial intelligence are nothing without algorithms. So, we’ve all heard of them, but where does the […]

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Gatekeeping Against a Shared Humanity

By Kathleen Wallace / CounterPunch “Our separation from each other is an optical illusion” – Albert Einstein Great philosophical traditions as well as hints from quantum studies seem to reflect the above, that is, we are all part of a great sea of consciousness. We are simply perceiving this whirlwind tour of life as a […]

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The film ‘Dune’: Techno-Orientalism, and Intergalactic Islam

The latest film adaptation of the Sixties novel helps us understand the contemporary Middle East and its ecology. “Based on Herbert’s 1965 science fiction classic, “Dune” is a tale of a rising duke, intergalactic power struggles, a precious spice, and lethal spaceworms. The story, which deals with religion, politics, myth, destiny, heritage, environmental decay and […]