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The Law is Not for Us, It’s Against Us

A VCU Police officer shoots pepper spray at student and protest organizer Sereen Haddad outside Cabell Library on Monday, April 29. Riot police clashed with students holding a pro-Palestine encampment. Photo by Andrew Kerley (Flickr) By William C. Anderson / Prism “I had now seen at close quarters the haughty white men who made the […]

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Police Are Sending Student Protesters to the ER. Campus Cops Don’t Keep Us Safe.

Police tear down a pro-Palestine encampment by Virginia Commonwealth University students on March 29. Photo by Andrew Kerley (Shutterstock) By Lewis Raven Wallace / Truthout Police on the University of North Carolina (UNC) Chapel Hill campus have been out in force in recent days to shut down pro-Palestinian protests and punish students and faculty for participation […]

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YouTubers have filmed police for years. Has it made a difference?

Taya Graham and Stephen Janis commemorate five years of the Police Accountability Report with this special livestream panel featuring legendary cop watchers James Freeman, LackLuster, The Battousai, Tom Zebra, Laura Shark, and Otto The Watchdog. In this extended livestream, Graham and Janis host a timely discussion about the possibility of police reform, the importance and impact of cop watching, and why it’s vital […]

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“Tough-on-Crime” Policies are Back in Some Places That Had Reimagined Criminal Justice

Washington D.C. / U.S.A. – Aug 28th 2020: The Commitment March (March on Washington 2020) by the Lincoln Memorial (Shutterstock) By Amanda Hernández / Stateline Fueled by public outrage over the 2020 murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer and other high-profile incidents of police violence, a seismic shift swept across the United […]