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Sports gambling’s takeover of the pro sports world is just beginning

Sports gambling’s rapid takeover of the professional sports industry is arguably the most important development of our time in the world of athletics. The introduction of legal betting has created a powerful new source of temptation with corrosive effects on fans, players, owners, and ultimately the games themselves. Sports journalist Danny Funt joins Edge of […]

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The Vote Uncommitted campaign wants to pressure Biden to champion a ceasefire in Gaza

Across the country, Democrats are organizing campaigns to vote uncommitted in the primary elections. Yet the aims of this movement are to do more than simply register dissent against Biden’s support for Israel’s genocide in Gaza. The Uncommitted Campaign will pick up delegates in every state and congressional district where more than 15% of voters […]

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‘FreeHer’ activists demand Biden release incarcerated women and girls ahead of Mother’s Day

On April 24, activists from the around the country converged on Washington for the 10th anniversary march of the FreeHer campaign, a national movement against the prison industrial complex, focused on the release of incarcerated women and girls. Despite campaign promises to free 100 women in his first 100 days in office, the Biden administration’s record […]

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‘Like a mini Gaza’: IDF raid on Nur Shams causes worst West Bank destruction in decades

While speaking to residents of Nur Shams refugee camp in the West Bank, TRNN reporters found themselves in the middle of the most destructive IDF raid since the Second Intifada. In this raid, Israeli troops killed 14 Palestinians and destroyed a neighborhood, including a local school. This video was co-produced with Shadowgraph Productions. Everything about […]

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‘Help us to get better’: Maryland is failing women released from prison

Critics of the prison industrial complex have long noted the system’s failure to properly rehabilitate those who are locked away in its bowels. Christina Merryman and Ameena Deramous return to Rattling the Bars for the second part of a two-part interview on the reality facing prisoners in Maryland’s only women’s correctional facility. Studio Production: David HebdenPost-Production: Cameron Granadino Transcript […]

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Do billionaires have a right to exist?

America has driven more than 650 species to extinction. And it should do the same to billionaires. Why? Because there are only five ways to become one, and they’re all bad for free-market capitalism: 1. Exploit a Monopoly. Jamie Dimon is worth $2 billion today… but not because he succeeded in the “free market.” In […]

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Inside the ‘Student Intifada’: A roundtable with campus organizers

Seven months into Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza, a student-led grassroots movement is spreading across the US and beyond, hearkening back to the student protests of the ‘60s that played a pivotal role in ending the US war in Vietnam. In what is being called the “student intifada,” with over 100 encampments going up at […]

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Bruce Maxwell opens up on the Oakland A’s betrayal

After more than 50 years, the Oakland A’s announced their departure from the city last year, leaving Oakland bereft of its sports teams after the flight of the Warriors in 2019 and the Raiders in 2020. To the dismay of fans, the A’s plan to temporarily relocate to a minor league stadium in Sacramento before […]

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Dennis Kucinich on the bleak 2024 elections and how elites broke our democracy

The presidential election in November looks set to pit Donald Trump, who will most likely dismantle what is left of our decayed democracy, against Joe Biden, who is a full partner in the genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza. “This is the paradox that we’re faced with,” says former Representative (and current candidate to represent […]