Kennedy Campaign Ballot Access Fully Funded

NASHVILLE, TN—MAY 16, 2024—Today, the Kennedy campaign announced it has secured its funding to fulfill ballot access in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Vice Presidential Candidate Nicole Shanahan provided $8 million of additional funding in April to ensure Americans get a third option at the ballot box this fall.

Matt & Shane’s Secret Podcast With RFK Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. joins Matt & Shane on The Secret Podcast. In this episode, they discuss the campaign, polling and debates, brain worms and other mischaracterizations, Ukraine, abortion, sobriety, nihilism among youth in this country, wellness farms, Russia, Iran, Israel & Palestine and possible solutions. Watch the full video here:

Kennedy Sues Meta for Election Interference

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—MAY 13, 2024—Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and American Values 2024 (AV24), a political action committee supporting Kennedy’s candidacy, today filed a First Amendment and election interference lawsuit against Meta after a biographical film, “Who Is Bobby Kennedy?”, was censored on Facebook and Instagram.

Kennedy Officially on Ballot in Oklahoma

LINCOLN, NE—MAY 9, 2024—Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced today he is officially on the ballot in Oklahoma. The campaign filed its statement of candidacy and electors and paid the $35,000 fee to secure ballot access.

Kennedy Campaign Launches RFK Activate App

LOS ANGELES, CA—MAY 9, 2024—Today, Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launched the RFK Activate App to organize and empower hundreds of thousands of grassroots volunteers working nationwide on the campaign. 

RFK Jr. Joins Forces To Fight For America’s Physical, Mental, Spiritual Wellness

What happens when you gather some of the most powerful voices in the country to speak with the next President of the United States, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.? This inside look at the American Wellness summit highlights the plan to end the chronic disease epidemics, the necessity to take a stand against the military industrial…

Robert Kennedy Jr. on The Sage Steele Show

Sage Steele and RFK JR. discuss his true stance on reproductive rights, why he hasn’t been given a Secret Service detail, his plan for the border, the morality of the current war, controlling A.I., the moment Bobby realized he was a Kennedy, how his life changed when he was fourteen, what makes an addict, his…

Kennedy Gains Ballot Access in Delaware

DOVER, DE—MAY 7, 2024—The Kennedy campaign announced today that it has gained ballot access in Delaware. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was nominated for president and Nicole Shanahan was nominated for vice president by the Independent Party of Delaware.

RFK Jr. Challenges Trump To A Debate | Newsmax

On “Eric Bolling The Balance,” Robert Kennedy Jr. joined and challenged former President Donald Trump to a debate, talked about his new film being censored. Watch the full interview here:

Meta Censors ‘Who Is Bobby Kennedy?’ Film, Social Media Giant Accused of Election Interference

LOS ANGELES—MAY 6, 2024—A PAC supporting Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. released on Saturday a 30-minute biographical film about the life of RFK Jr., his environmental activism, and why he’s running for President. “Who Is Bobby Kennedy?”, narrated by Woody Harrelson, has already garnered more than 6 million views across multiple platforms.

Kennedy, Shanahan to Hold Voter Rally in Austin

AUSTIN, TX—MAY 6, 2024—Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Vice Presidential Candidate Nicole Shanahan are hosting a voter rally on May 13 in Austin, Texas.

American Thought Leaders | RFK Jr. Interview

In this wide-ranging interview, Jan Jekielek gets independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s candid take on the biggest challenges he sees facing America today. What does RFK Jr. see as the path forward when it comes to the rise in chronic diseases among young Americans, big tech manipulation, the debate over TikTok, the Israel-Gaza…

Kennedy to Hold Voter Rally in Denver

DENVER, CO—MAY 2, 2024—Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is hosting a voter rally on May 19 in Aurora, Colorado.

Nicole Shanahan Interview on The Sage Steele Show

Sage Steele speaks with Nicole Shanahan about how Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. asked her to be his vice-presidential running mate, and how she balances being a mom with running a campaign. They also discuss Nicole’s experiences growing up poor with a father who struggled with his mental health and how she found her strength and…

Kennedy-Shanahan on California Ballot

LOS ANGELES, CA—APRIL 29, 2024—The Kennedy campaign today announced the Kennedy-Shanahan ticket is officially on the ballot in California, the largest of the electoral college giants.

Is He The Last Real Democrat? | RFK Jr on Ben Shapiro

Robert Kennedy, Jr., joins Ben Shapiro on his podcast to discuss his battles with addiction, his a career as a lawyer and activist for the environment, Indigenous land rights, and public health. They delve into RFK Jr.’s vision for America and his hope for the Democratic party, discussing a range of topics from chronic disease,…

RFK, Jr. on The World Over with Raymond Arroyo

Robert Kennedy, Jr., joins Raymond Arroyo in an hour-long interview on his Catholic faith, his famous family and their support for President Biden, and the important issues in this election year, including his stance on abortion, freedom of speech, the Middle East, environmental policy, Title IX and women’s sports, and being denied Secret Service protection.…


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